Mindful Wellness

Meet Angela… here to assist you with your health and wellness goals.

Welcome to the home of Embracing Wellness, where we provide holistic, human-centric and customised therapy treatments. 

Our team is led by certified and experienced Aromatherapy and Reiki Master Angela Redman, an expert in facilitating health and wellbeing with over twenty years of unwavering commitment to others. Her luminous natural enthusiasm and positive outlook sparks helpfulness and support for those around her. Through her expertise in a broad range of practices, Angela lays the ground for holistic healing styles with a variety of treatments catered particularly to adults and adolescents utilising body, mind and spirit mechanics. 

With further qualifications reaching Polarity Therapy, Australian Bush Flower Therapy, Meditation, Indian Head Massage, Pranic Healing, Gym Instruction and Holistic Counselling, Angela bolsters her compelling vigour into her impressive literary co-author publications; the Amazon bestsellers, The Energy Of Receiving (2015) and Earth Healing (2017). This intuitive therapist will unlock the doorway towards rekindling your deep childhood connection through trust, support and dedicated client-guidable techniques – alongside reminding adults of their individual wellness & inside process pathways. Unlocking curiosity and changing heart scape’s toward power, truth, self esteem, confidence and inner peace. Feel cared, conscious energy and open up the creative interior towards more rewarding external livelihoods. 

Welcome to mindfulness, holism & more with light, focus and transformation under the experienced and personalised approach with Embracing Wellness.

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