Australian Bushflower Consultations

Australian Bush Flower Essence therapy has a tremendous important role to play as a powerful catalyst for healing people to heal themselves. The essences allow people to turn inwards and understand their own life paths, purpose and healing. They also allow the courage and the conviction to follow that guidance. The flower therapy can assist us at working through and gently dissolving our imbalances, prevention of disease, illness and emotional challenges.

Geologically Australia is the oldest of all the continents and there is an abundance of ancient and wise energy throughout the spirit of our land. The Australian flower essences have universal applications  of many benefits to people everywhere from  around the globe. Australia is relatively unaffected by disease and chemical pollution which enhances potent flower essences from a clean and natural environment.

Embracing Wellness can post to you your personal prescription to most places around the world. Please provide postage details for transport costs prior to ordering.