Reiki Treatments

Reiki energy is regarded as spiritual in its nature, a natural life force enhancing energy for mind, body and soul. As it induces the most effective healing energy with the maximum of positive and wellness vibrations specifically for that person’s unique requirements and circumstances. It is considered to have an almost divine quality and as such includes everything for the client/ persons highest of good. Those who use Reiki regularly often find they are more joyful, lively and their own inbuilt energy is enhanced, leading to relaxation and a stimulation of wellness to  the body, as this improvement develops the natural process of renewal and removal of toxins are exchanged and rendered more effectively, ultimately opening up more of the body to the life energy. 

Reiki treatments can offer you a welcome addition to understanding your life. Including the use of Reiki to support your own personal growth and development, the information your body, mind and soul can provide you communicate deep inner levels of beliefs about oneself, others and the world. You may also find your unique life approach and how you really connect with others and how you may also leave behind old ways of surviving, and with your Reiki practitioner guiding you with assistance and  strategies for reinventing oneself and bringing about positive transformation from within. Reiki can help to bring to light your greater consciousness and realisations or even help you understand why you are behaving or even feeling a certain way. Sometimes even choosing a different path or redirecting a belief is the first part of a new view on reality and potential life path and choices.

On a physical level Reiki has been a great way of relieving pain and assisting in healing. This can be anything from a recovery from surgery, muscle strain, broken bones, an infection or injury, emotional upheaval and everyday life challenges as they may arise.

Embracing Wellness offers in person sessions or distance healings following a Zoom consultation, book your next session with Angela.