Wellness Wednesday - Transformative Power of Touch S2E3 24:49 June 27th 2023

by Dennis Redman

In this Wellness Wednesday episode, we explore the profound significance of touch and its importance in our lives. Angela Redman, our guest and an expert in health and wellness, joins us to discuss how touch is more than just a physical sensation - it's a language all its own that allows us to communicate without words and build trust. Listen in as we discuss the power of touch during the pandemic, how it can reduce stress, stimulate oxytocin, and how it is believed to have been used before the ability to speak. We also consider how the power of touch could be a big contributor to world peace. Angela shares her insights on the importance of touch in relationships and how it can be used to bring more love and connection into our lives.

We explore the science behind why touch is so vital and how something as simple as a hug or a handshake can make a huge difference. Learn about the power of body brushing and yoga to activate the senses and bring more touch into our daily lives.