Wellness Wednesday- Balancing Wellness and Responsibility S2E8 25:20 August 9th 2023

by Dennis Redman

Unveiling the hidden responsibilities that may be sabotaging your wellness journey, renowned sixth sensory intuitive consultant, Angela Redman, provides a roadmap to reclaiming your peace.

Angela peels back the layers of unspoken obligations we take on, from other people's thoughts and feelings to uncontrollable situations, and offers practical solutions to avoid these wellness pitfalls. Empowered with strategies to recognize and shed undue responsibilities, we learn to be gentle with ourselves as we navigate this transformation. Jump back into the conversation as we dig deeper into the essence of wellness. Angela underscores the importance of saying 'no', dispelling the myth that we are responsible for others' feelings or opinions while making it clear that support doesn't equate to self-compromise.

We delve into the significance of prioritizing oneself, being responsible for our happiness and integrity, and the impact of honesty in our interactions. Align with Angela's holistic approach to wellness, which goes beyond being healthy, and step into a life that truly embraces well-being. Tune in, let go of undue obligations, and start putting your wellness first today.