Wellness Wednesday - Building Self-Trust and Amplifying Intuition S2E6 22:51 August 2nd 2023

by Dennis Redman

Prepare for a transformative journey as we sit down with the distinguished health and wellness coach, Angela Redman. Angela equips us with enlightening perspectives on the indispensable role of self-trust in our personal and professional lives. With her profound wisdom, Angela navigates us through the crucial steps of building self-trust—knowing oneself, setting internal boundaries, and making decisions rooted in our core values. Be ready to grasp an enriched understanding of self-trust and its impact on our decision-making process.

Moving forward, Angela illuminates the intricate relationship between self-trust and intuition, laying emphasis on the necessity of vulnerability. She shares practical tactics to bolster self-trust and nurture your intuition - journaling, maintaining internal boundaries, and aligning decisions with core values. A pivotal part of the conversation is dedicated to distinguishing genuine intuition from fear-based thinking, and the ways to regain trust in our inner guidance after potential missteps. Gear up for an episode abounding with Angela Redman's valuable wisdom, actionable tips, and life-altering insights on building self-trust and amplifying your intuition.