Wellness Wednesday - Part 2: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Base Chakra: S2E16 24:14 October 25th 2023

by Dennis Redman

Are you ready to uncover the mysteries of the base chakra, the bedrock of our existence?

Join Angela Redman from Embracing Wellness as we embark on an enlightening journey exploring the fundamental role the base chakra plays in our daily lives. Discover how this energy center is deeply connected with our basic survival instincts, and how it influences our sense of stability and security. Imbalances here could lead to a lack of energy, drive, and an overall sense of confusion. In this enlightening episode, we delve deeper into the significance of grounding our base chakra and the various techniques we can employ. From essential oils, and stimulating music, to wearing red - we explore it all. We also touch upon the importance of anchoring spiritual energy through meditation and affirmations, and how to keep our base chakra aligned.

Angela's expertise shines as she gives us a thorough understanding of this intricate world of the base chakra, equipping us with the knowledge to help us take care of ourselves and truly hear our intuition. So, get comfortable and tune in to this episode, as we navigate through this complex energy system that plays a pivotal role in our wellbeing.

--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

(0:00:03) - Exploring the Base Chakra for Wellness

The base chakra provides stability, security, energy, drive, and a sense of belonging to the planet.

(0:14:39) - Base Chakra and Grounding Techniques Exploring

Essential oils, music, red clothing, meditation, affirmations, and self-care were discussed to the ground and strengthen the base chakra.

Podcast Link: https://pod.co/wellness-wednesday-with-angela-redman-podcast-city-radio/part-2-unlocking-the-mysteries-of-the-base-chakra-a-wellness-journey