Wellness Wednesday Part 3: Igniting Your Creativity and Passion: Harnessing the Power of the Sacral Chakra: S2E17 19:56 May 15th 2024

by Dennis Redman

Unlock the secrets of your creative and passionate self with the guidance of Angela Redman, as we highlight the sacral chakra's profound impact on our lives.

This Wellness Wednesday podcast, get ready to fan the flames of your inner zest, as Angela, a seasoned health and wellness coach, intuitive consultant, and happiness promoter, joins us to share her expertise on the second chakra. Angela provides an engaging and insightful discussion on its role in fostering our emotions, creativity, and sensuality, offering practical tips on how to maintain its balance and harness its energy for an enriched life experience. She illuminates the physical associations of this energy centre, including how it links to our reproductive organs and kidneys and sheds light on the symptoms of imbalance, such as repressed feelings and stress. Learn how to detoxify and achieve inner harmony, and leave feeling empowered to embrace the sweetness of life. Whether you're looking to ignite your creative spark or seeking tranquility in tumultuous times, this episode is a beacon of positivity and practical wisdom. Dive into a world where pleasure, nurture, and movement intertwine as we explore the intricacies of the sacral chakra.


Hosts: Ron Fiedler & Angela Redman

Producer: Ron Fiedler Podcast City.