Wellness Wednesday - Reclaiming Restful Nights 2E2 23:34 June 15th 2023

by Dennis Redman

Are you getting enough quality sleep every night?

Health and wellness coach Angela Redman joins us on Podcast City Radio to reveal the importance of sound sleep and its impact on our lives. Listen in as we discuss the need for adults to clock in seven to nine hours of sleep for optimal brain performance, the risks of sleep deprivation, and valuable tips for cultivating good sleep hygiene.

We also delve into how sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea affect our wellbeing and why it's essential to address these issues without relying on medications. As we explore various cultural attitudes towards sleep, Angela shares practical advice on how to make sleep a priority in our lives. Some helpful suggestions include taking magnesium supplements, indulging in sleep-inducing teas, and incorporating sleep music into your nightly routine. Don't miss this enlightening conversation as we reclaim the right to a full night's sleep – a crucial element for our overall health and wellbeing.