Wellness Wednesday - RU OK? Day: The Transformative Power of Asking 'Are You Okay?' S2E12 24:53 September 14th 2023

by Dennis Redman

When you hear the question 'Are you okay?', what comes to mind?

On the surface, it seems simple, yet it's a question that carries such a profound impact when used with the intent to truly connect. Angela Redman, a health and wellness coach, joins us to amplify the importance of such dialogues. We lean into the significance of National RUOK Day, a day dedicated to reminding us all to check in on those around us. As we navigate this conversation, Angela offers her unique perspective on identifying signs of distress and empathetically responding to them. Building a culture that embraces mental health discussions requires us to be willing and present for the ones we care about. In our chat, we unravel the importance of reinforcing the value of these discussions, even when someone might be reluctant to share.

We also touch upon the transformative power of simple gestures like active listening, genuine body language and understanding. Together, we aim to challenge the existing negative stigmas and establish a normality in seeking help. Discover practical resources like Embracing Wellness and Lifeline, and learn how genuine care can foster a supportive and emotionally healthy environment.

--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

(0:00:03) - Ask "Are You Okay?"

National RUOK Day's importance, power of asking "Are you okay?", recognizing signs of struggle, and approaching with care and empathy discussed with insight from Angela Redman.

(0:17:01) - The Importance of Checking In

Genuine body language, understanding, normalizing mental health conversations, and resources for support are discussed.

Link: https://pod.co/wellness-wednesday-with-angela-redman-podcast-city-radio/ru-ok-day-the-transformative-power-of-asking-are-you-okay