Wellness Wednesday - Simplicity as a Pathway to Wellness S2E13 25:32 September 27th 2023

by Dennis Redman

Are you ready for a life revolution with simplicity as your guide?

This Wellness Wednesday, we're joined by Angela Redman, an international six sensory intuitive consultant and wellness coach with a unique prescription for happiness. Angela shares her wisdom on how simple yet potent habits can declutter our minds and set the stage for a wellness revolution. From starting the day offline and making your bed to keeping a journal and practising mindful eating, Angela's insights are a treasure trove of transformative habits. Angela also delves into the emotional wellness gained from embracing simplicity. Noticing the little things, granting ourselves grace, and prioritizing self-care, she argues, can tip the scales towards a more grounded and joyous existence. Angela's empowering advice will challenge you to reset your life and find happiness within. Tune in to Wellness Wednesday for a refreshing conversation on how simplicity can become your stepping stone to a more fulfilled life.

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(0:00:03) - Resetting With Simplicity

Angela Redman provides tips to reset and find happiness, such as morning alone time, making your bed, journaling, reading, meditating, and going for a walk.

(0:17:23) - Embracing Simplicity for Emotional Wellness

Simplify life for greater happiness, notice little things, offer grace, laugh, dedicate time to yourself, and make a positive contribution.

Link: https://pod.co/wellness-wednesday-with-angela-redman-podcast-city-radio/simplicity-as-a-pathway-to-wellness-with-angela-redman