Wellness Wednesday - Part 1: Understanding and Mastering Your Chakras for Personal and Spiritual Growth S2E15 26:36 October 18th 2023

by Dennis Redman

Ready to unlock the secrets of your inner energy? Angela Redman, co-host of Wellness Wednesday, is eager to guide us on this enlightening journey. As a seasoned health and wellness coach, Angela is a master at demystifying complex concepts and making them accessible and practical. She introduces us to the world of chakras, the seven gateways that form the core of our energy system. These chakras, Angela explains, are deeply interwoven with our organs, glands, personality, emotions, and spiritual development. More than just understanding them, we learn practical strategies to strengthen our chakras and come to see ourselves as energy beings. Have you ever wondered how life's challenges could be opportunities for growth? Angela suggests a fresh perspective on this, encouraging us to see difficulties as chances to improve our physical and mental health. We delve deeper into the power of the subtle energy body and how mastering the seven chakras can lead to personal development and advancement of our spiritual consciousness. Angela shares methods to bolster each chakra, using simple, everyday actions like giving love and compassion, practising patience, and connecting with nature. Join us on this profound journey of chakra exploration, and gain a deeper understanding of your inner self. Angela teaches us how to use the seven chakras to gain power, self-knowledge and spiritual consciousness, with strategies such as love, patience and connecting with nature.

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(0:00:03) - Understanding the Significance of Chakras

Angela Redman guides us to unlock the secrets of our inner cells, exploring the seven chakras, energy flow, hormones and spiritual development.

(0:15:39) - Exploring Chakras for Spiritual Growth

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