Wellness Wednesday - Unlocking Self-Esteem: A Key to Wellness S2E11 24:00 September 27th 2023

by Dennis Redman

Do you ever feel like you're withdrawing from life's activities, or avoiding situations where judgement might be lurking?

You're not alone. We've invited Angela Redman, a leading light from Embracing Wellness, to share her insights on this common, yet oft-overlooked issue – low self-esteem. We dive into how it affects our relationships, decision-making, and overall wellness, and how past experiences can shape our self-perception. But fear not, it's not all doom and gloom. Angela doesn't just identify the problem, she offers a lifeline. Join us as she shares powerful techniques to bolster self-esteem, from positive self-talk and challenging negative thoughts, to embracing joy-filled activities. She also serves up some practical tips on how to be assertive, take on new challenges and practice self-compassion. Let's take this journey together, towards fostering a more positive and healthier view of ourselves.

--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

(0:00:02) - Self-Esteem's Impact on Wellness

We discuss self-esteem, its effects, signs of low self-esteem, and how to improve it.

(0:12:25) - Improving Self-Esteem

Improve self-esteem through positive self-talk, challenging negative thoughts, assertiveness, and self-compassion.

Link: https://pod.co/wellness-wednesday-with-angela-redman-podcast-city-radio/unlocking-self-esteem-a-key-to-wellness-with-angela-redman