Wellness Wednesday - Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of Grounding and Earthing S2E4 23:54 July 12th 2023

by Dennis Redman

On this Wellness Wednesday, join us as we journey into the fascinating world of grounding and earthing with health and wellness coach Angela Redman. This episode is all about learning how to live a more connected and balanced life. We talk about how grounding, the practice of connecting with the earth's natural energy, can rejuvenate our bodies and minds. Angela shares intriguing insights on the scientific evidence behind this ancient wisdom, the benefits, and the techniques we can all use.

Excitingly, we also explore the science and data behind earthing and grounding and consider the connection we have lost to feeling good about ourselves. Angela shares her thoughts on how earthing can help to bring back the natural rhythm of the body, and how it can help to offload stress and emotions.